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Chapter 1

I stared at the clock. "Finally 5 more minutes then I can get out of here
and help Mr. Moore." I thought in my head. "Alright guys pack up and y'all can leave!" Mr. Renick said. I grabbed my stuff and ran out of that room. History was the worst subject ever. "Jake!" he called. I turned around. "You forgot your book Mockingjay!" he called. "Oh thanks Mr. Renick." I walked to my locker and exchanged some books for my homework. Then I ran to Mr. Moore's room. I didn't want to be late, and another friend of mine, Matt, was meeting me to help out also. I knocked on the classroom door and Mr. Moore let me inside.

Chapter 2

"Hey what's up Mr. Moore?" I asked
"Nothing really. I have papers for you and Matt to grade."
Mr. Moore gave me the papers and I sat down next to Matt. Next thing I knew, we were talking about races..."I'm Hispanic." I told Mr. Moore. "Well I have a sprinkler in my yard if you wanna come over and fix it." Mr. Moore said with a tease. I glared. "Shut up."
"Hey guys I have to go." Matt said.
"Alright see yah." Mr. Moore and I said.
Matt walked out the door and I turned back to grading.

Chapter 3

About 15 minutes later I heard a scream. Lots of screams. Outside the window I saw this guy outside with a gun. "GET DOWN!" I yelled. Mr. Moore went through his drawers and found a pocket knife. He dove under his desk. I ducked behind a desk when I heard the door come crashing down. Silence. My breathing turned heavy. "WHOEVER IS IN HERE STAND UP!" I peeked up over the desk and saw the guy standing at the entrance with a gun. He walked to Mr Moore's desk. "GET UP OR ILL SHOOT!" Mr. Moore rose behind his desk with the knife behind his back and a gun pointed at his head.

Chapter 4

I crept along the desks. "You don't want to shoot, I have 911 on the phone." Mr. Moore said with a growl. I silently jumped on top of a desk. I crouched on the desk and saw Mr. Moore's eyes warning me to run. I shook my head and sprang through the air. Next thing I knew I was biting the guy's arm. I punched him in the face a few times. His eyes were black. I heard Mr. Moore grab the gun from him. Then a sharp pain struck right through me. I fell to the ground. Mr. Moore screamed my name. I stared at the ceiling.

Chapter 5

I heard gun shots, then I saw the guy fall beside me. I saw his blood. It was almost black. I could hear people outside screaming. Mr. Moore bent over me, and said a few things. Had I gone deaf? Or had he mouthed the words? I felt sick. My mind swirled, then the world faded to black, and Mr. Moore's face, disappeared. Darkness.


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