Wooters Ranks & How To Get Them

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Wooters Ranks & How To Get Them

Post by Tigger [: on Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:43 am

Site Owners
(Actually gray colored)
If you want to be a site owner, you must be a hard working Administrator. We have
2 at the moment, Me and Alexa

(Red colored)
Administrators are the highest staff rank! (Besides an Owner) To be an Administrator,
we want you to have a TON of Moderator experience, cause you'll need it!

(Blue colored)
Moderators are a big part of the Wooters staff! We choose frequently active members
who make good posts, and help others out.

Newz Reporters
(Orange colored)
Newz reporters report the latest WW, Wooters, and outside world news. You will need to be good at keeping track of new things

WAO Designers
(Acctually Peach color)
Wooters Designers are the best of the best! They make all of our wonderful

(Yellow Colored)
Jr.Mods are members training to be a Mod. You need to be a good Jr.Mod to be Mod(:

Tech Staff
(Purple Color)
Tech staff are very smart people, that can help with any tech problems.

(Lime Green)
Vips are people that help out with Wooters, and are just nice and kind people

(Baby blue)
Helpers in Wooters are the people that help out alot and keep our site running good

(Pink colored)
To be member of the month, you must be on most of the time, keep up wih the forums, and be a good member(:

Banned Members
These members must of not been following the rules. Please contact me or alexa if you see anybody not following the rules(:
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